Visiting the London Book Fair as a freelance illustrator

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Earlier this week with my portfolio and a bunch of postcards in hand, I hopped on a train to pay my first visit to the London Book Fair. A massive annual literature extravaganza, the book fair was held in London's huge Olympia centre. The fair is primarily a marketplace for publishers and distributors to make…

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SEO for Illustrators

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I receive a few commissions by people finding my site through search engines and I like to take a bit of care of my site's SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). SEO is an easy thing to overlook but it's also fairly simple to get right and help increase the chances of people finding your website. I'm…

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Illustrated London Poster

By in Blog 13th Nov, 2014 0 Comments

A few months ago I entered the Serco Prize for Illustration 2015 with this London-themed poster. It's a great competition and shortlisted entries are exhibited at the London Transport Museum. I didn't make the shortlist this year but at least it gave me a new piece for the portfolio. Here's the initial sketch I quickly…

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Beginner’s guide to vectors and Adobe Illustrator

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I was recently asked to help someone get started with Adobe Illustrator and thought I'd publish my notes from the tutorial session here. These notes are written for someone who has never used the Adobe Illustrator software and is unfamiliar with the nature of working in vectors. For newcomers, Illustrator does have quite a steep learning…

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Creating a personalised map of Leeds

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After seeing the illustrated Leeds map I produced, a new client recently asked me to create a personalised map that included some of their favourite Leeds spots. This started by the client sending me a list of the places they wanted to include. I then consulted Google Maps to get an idea of where everything was and decide whether the…

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