Designing Mazes for Children’s Books

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Over the past few years I’ve been asked to illustrate and design several maze puzzles for children’s books and magazines. At first I was quite daunted with designing a maze from scratch as I’d never done it before. But as I’ve created more I’ve discovered it’s something I really enjoy creating. I like creating the puzzle for the reader to work out and trying to trick them into going down a blind alley. It can be quite a fine line between making the maze too difficult or too easy. I’ll often test the maze first with either my wife or my studio buddy Richard to make sure the maze makes sense and judge how easy it is to solve.

Below are some of the mazes I’ve created for Highlights magazine in the US alongside the original sketch. These came through my agent at Astound.

Last year I also contributed some mazes to the Map Maze Book published by Usborne. For this the designer at Usborne provided a sketch for each maze which meant I could focus on the illustration details.

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Tom Woolley is a freelance illustrator based in Yorkshire. He specialises in illustrated maps, hand-lettering and children's books.