Out Of The Woods – New Limited Edition Print

Out Of The Woods - limited edition print

I’ve been working on a new design for a print to sell in the Ohh Deer competition shop. As well as entering it into the Ohh Deer shop I’ve also added it to my own print shop over on Big Cartel.

I wanted to create another map after I enjoyed making the illustrated map of West Yorkshire so much, but wanted to work on something a little different with a fantasy twist. Some of the characters are heavily inspired / blatantly stolen from the worlds of Studio Ghibli, Greek myths and Skyrim. I wanted to create something fun that could also be played as a simple snakes and ladders type game. I toyed with the idea of adding text and instructions eg. if you land on the square with the dancing rabbit men you have to do a little jig, but then thought it worked better if just left open and you can just make up your own rules if you want.

Labyrinth board game box

Labyrinth board game box

I think I was also playing on an old childhood memory of playing a German board game called Labyrinth. It’s a tile-laying game with lots of cardboard squares featuring different monsters and treasures. I had a German version with no English translation so just made up some random rules of my own. I just remember really liking the artwork and sliding the tiles around the board… simple pleasures!

I approached this illustration slightly differently too and didn’t use a pencil sketch to begin with. Just made it straight into Illustrator. I did do a few sketches one night to get a few ideas for characters and vegetation down before I forgot them.

Out Of The Woods character sketches  

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